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· Substance Abuse,training,Addiction,Life Controlling

In the past few years communities have seen many Half-way houses start up. Like churches they start for the right reasons... they grow, hire people that can be trained (but they fail to train them) and seem to overextend themselves in hope of reaching more people in the community.... and then the burden of debt overtakes them. Their outlook changes slowly (or rapidly) depending upon the financial need or employment need. They have turnover in Staff, unfilled beds, and any programs they had transform into outreach to the community for funding. Not all, but a few.

There is an organization in the Fort Wayne Area that is developing a full residential rehabilitation center that is faith-based, Christ-Centered that is patterned after a world-wide organization that has an 85% rehabilitation rate. This organization is looking for men and women, businesses, and churches that have a desire to truly assist people with "life controlling" problems. If you are interested in receiving more information please contact: Living Free Recovery, 2112 Inwood Dr, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815 or call 260-209-4596.