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    Helping people to find Help, receive Hope, and accept Healing!

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    Ministering to People with Life Controlling Problems

    New Semester

    Wednesday, July 12. 2023

    (Note: We recommend participant enroll in the INSIGHT group to begin, for a well rounded group experience)


    INSIGHT GROUP - this is our foundational group, building character, and helping people to understand themselves in order to work through their "life controlling" problem. You'll discuss the JoHari WIndow and other helpful tools and exercises that bring understanding about how a person allows something to "master their lives."


    CONFLICT RESOLUTION GROUP (Peace Making) - This group will help you to understand "conflict" and "respones" to it and that Conflict is an opportunity to glorify God. This group will present methods of self-examiniation as well as suggestions for when and how to confront someone. This is a bibliocal approach to addressing conflict through negotiating and dealing with people that can be unreasonable at times.


    STEPPING INTO FREEDOM GROUP - this is a faith -based, Christ-Centered 12 Step recovery group offering Hope and Help for anyone struggling with any addiction such as; Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Pornography, or Sexual. It is a tremendously effective group for people desiring to maintain a life free of "life controlling problems."


    MRT GROUP- this group assists people in integrating thier beleif system with their values to help them in making clearer choices and more effective decisions. You will learn how building structure into your life, prioritizing, the importance of following rules can lead to making more effective decisions whereby obtaining freedom from your life controlling problem.



    OTHER GROUPS TBA - Restoring Families, Breaking Free From Addiction, Committed Couples, Premarital & Marriage, etc.


    Living Free Recovery is an outreach consulting ministry of Connection Points Inc. a 501 c 3 Non-profit ministry that provides consulting and counsel to churches on Small groups, Assimilation, Discipleship, and Leadership.

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    YOUR DONATION PROVIDES Resources & Counseling

    Your gift of $32 can purchase a workbook for someone dealing with "life controlling Problems!" i.e: Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Behavioral, Emotional, Relationship, & Substance Abuse

    Living Free Recovery is an outreach ministry of Connection Points Inc. (a registered 501 (c) 3 non profit organization). Our funding comes from gifts, group registrations, and donations from people like you.

    Help us help others by clicking the DONATE button below or you may send your tax deductible donation to:

    Connection Points Ministry

    2112 Inwood Dr.

    Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46815


    Many people desire to overcome their life controlling problem, but they may not be READY to CHANGE... Listen:

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    Living Free Recovery



    Help is in the interaction, building relationships, praying with others, and applying each lesson to life.

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    Living Free Recovery



    Help is in the interaction, building relationships, praying with others, and applying each lesson to life.



    By becoming a CERTIFIED FACILITATOR Click the button below for more info!


    Area College & Graduate Students

    Are you working towards a Bachelor or Masters degree and desires to learn about helping people deal with their life controlling problems from a Faith-based, Christ-Centered perspective, call us at 260. 218.8299 or email us at d.schreck@livingfreerecovery.onmicrosoft.com.


    You will receive supervision and become involved in both group and individual sessions for "hands on" experiences.


    Call 260-218-8299 for More Information

    Register for FACILITATOR TRAINING by purchasing your ticket here.


    DVD starter kit available

    call 209.218.8299

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  • What is Living Free Recovery

    Living Free Recovery is a DBA of the 501 (c) 3 non profit organization CONNECTION POINTS INC. which provides hope, help, and healing to Individuals, Churches, and Communities through individual sessions, couples counseling, family counseling, and group counseling.





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    Ministry To Communities

    Outreach strategy to impact the entire community

    A small group strategy for impacting the entire community by assisting other churches and individuals in the community in ministering to people with life controlling problems. This often starts with individuals in the legal system and their families that live in the community. And since life controlling problems impact more than just one individual or one family, there is a great need for ministry to the entire community. For information on how to minister to your community or to schedule a training at your church please email us at: info@connectionpoints.org. or call 833.217.7455.

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    Ministry To Churches

    Workshops and Seminars

    Workshops available on: Addiction, Assimilation, Discipleship, Leadership, Small Groups, Substance Abuse, and how to help people with Life Controlling Problems.

    For information on each of these workshops or to schedule a workshop in your church please email us at: info@connectionpoints.org. or call 833.217.7455.

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    Ministry To Individuals

    Non-residential groups and individual counseling

    Living Free is a group strategy that has helped over 800,000 people learn to face life's struggles and move toward freedom and wholeness in Christ with an 89% rehabilitation rate.

    At church and work, people are smiling outside but hurting on the inside. They keep up appearances, but something has its hooks in them and threatens to take them under: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Broken Relationships, Care giving Responsibilities,Eating Disorders, Money Problems, Compulsive Sex, or some other life controlling problems.


    See how this group strategy works, hear some powerful stories of changed lives, and check out proven resources and tools. The Living Free program is utilized in Adult & Teen Challenge Centers around the world. Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith-based residential rehabilitation program with a documented 85% rehabilitation rate.


    The following video is from a Adult & Teen Challenge Graduate telling her story about the effectiveness of the Living Free programs offered at Adult & Teen Challenge.


    The second video is what SAMSHA is saying about Adult & Teen Challenge residential treatment for those who are addicted.




    A non-residential rehabilitation program


    Living Free Recovery is a non-residential rehabilitation program for Addicts and other people with life controlling issues and problems.

    Individual Sessions and Community Connection groups meet throughout the week providing help for those who are hurting and pastoral counsel for their loved ones.

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    by appointment at

    2112 Inwood Dr., Fort Wayne

    People in need or who are seeking counsel begin by setting up an Orientation/Intake session. This is a "get acquainted" meeting where things can be discussed and assignment of Assessments are made.

    Then individual sessions are set up to assist in working through any life controlling problem. Counseling is by Appointment, by a licensed clinician.


    Who should attend:

    People that need and seek more structure in their lives and who want to obtain freedom from their "life controlling problem," Substance Abuse, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, as well as Relational, Emotional & behavioral problems.


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    begin October 4, 2023

    Information below.

    2112 Inwood Dr., Fort Wayne IN.


    If you are unable to register online, please contact our office at: 260.218.8299

    You may start group at anytime.

    Once you have submitted your registration, you will be placed on the group roster that you requested. At the first group you will be asked for the registration fee, receive a Workbook, and be oriented to the group. (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement.


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    Groups begins


    6:30pm - 8:00pm


    Who should attend:

    Anyone with a life controlling problem or anyone that knows someone with a life controlling problem. This group helps with character development and is the foundation of a program that has an 92% rehabilitation rate.


    Cost: $96: includes Workbook and 13 week group (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement of $100. Lost workbooks $26.00)

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    "ANGER: Master Or Servant"


    6:30pm - 8:00pm


    Who should attend: Anyone that has a desire for accountability and a willingness to maintain their life without the controlling problem.

    Few of us have been taught to live with our feelings. We have been taught to think, but feelings often overwhelm and master the Christian.

    This study offers a clear explanation of anger, what causes it, and how to recognize when you are sinning with anger. This not only ministers to church members but serves as a powerful evangelistic tool. Some of the content covered includes:

    -Beginning steps in managing anger.

    -Methods to help you control anger in your relationships.

    -Ten steps for preventing anger's control in your life.


    Cost: $96.00: includes Workbook and 13 week participation. (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement for $100. Lost workbooks $25.00)

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    How To Escape Your Prison


    6:30pm - 8:00pm


    Moral Reconation Therapy

    Moral Reconation Therapy assist people in integrating their belief system with their values in order for them to make better decisions. "How To Escape Your Prison" is the MRT Workbook that is utilized. All MRT classes are facilitated by Certified MRT Facilitators.

    Who should attend: People that are longing to change their thinking and/or behavior through CBT as well as those who are court ordered to treatment of Substance Abuse and those who want to make more effective decisions.

    People that need and seek more structure in their lives and who desire to make effective decisions while obtaining freedom from their "life controlling problem."


    Cost: $260 (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement for $275. Lost workbooks $35.00)

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    6:30 - 8:00pm

    This group will assisy participants in understanding and implementing a "Spending Plan"-how to budget, how to Manage Money, How to get out of debt, Stewardship and other important financial elements.


    Both financial and spiritual information and guidance are presented to help on the path of realizing personal success, fulfillment, and contribution to society and the Christian community

    Who should attend: 

    * People that want to help others manage maney.

    * People that are in debt and want to get out of Debt,

    * People who are desiring to make better choices in life,

    * People that have Money Management as a life controlling problem.

    Cost:  $200.00 for 13 week group. (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement for $250. Lost workbooks $32.00)

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    Recovery Through Respect addresses issues of addiction and substance abuse while developing a recovery program that impacts the whole person-body, mind, and spirit.


    Recovery Through Respect is intended for people and groups of people that deal with addiction, but can also benefit those with personality and behavioral disorders. This program is intended to be at least 16 weeks in length but can be utilized for as much as up to one (1) year. It is also advisable to have a family member or a person from the client’s network present at one or two of these meetings throughout the year.


    Family members may want to attend our "Concerned Persons" group to learn how to assist their loved one in overcoming their "life controlling" problem


    Who should attend:

    * People that have been court ordered for Substance Abuse/Addiction education/ counseling,

    * People who are desiring to make better choices in life,

    * People that have any type of life controlling or abuse problem.

    Cost: $200.00 for 13 week group. (Finanical arrangements can be made by signing a Financial Agreement for $250. Lost workbooks $32.00)





    Living Free Recovery can provide HOPE, HELP, & HEALING to you.

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    Living Free Recovery can provide HOPE, HELP, & HEALING to you.

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    SA Education Group-Tuesday 9:00am



    This Substance Abuse/ Addiction group meets standards for anyone in the system who may be court ordered or those who just want to get free from the stronghold of Substance Abuse. This can be purchased on AMAZON for $29.95

  • What We Do (Our Purpose)

    Living Free Recovery can assist you or a loved one in the following three specific areas:

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    Substance Abuse/Mental Health

    Living Free Recovery presents many types of Seminars: Emotions,Behaviors, Relationship, Substance Abuse, Marriage and premarital.

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    Training & Certifying Facilitators

    A couple of times per year we hold facilitator training seminars that teach and train people how to start and lead groups.

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    Living Free Recovery Groups

    Living Free recovery provides group education in a number of areas including: Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Financial, Relationship,& behavior.


    Registration for Groups below:


    All groups are at least 13 weeks and the cost is reflected in the entire 13 weeks.

    Cost for LFR groups: $95 upfront or $100.00 for signed Financial Agreement: includes Workbook and 13 week group, Lost workbooks $26.

    Cost for RTR groups: $200 upfront or $250 with signed Financial Agreement

    (FA). Lost Workbooks $35.00

    Cost for MRT group: $260 upfront or $275 with signed Financial Agreement (FA). Lost Workbooks $35.00

    LFR = Living Free Recovery

    MRT= Moral Reconation Therapy

    RTR = Recovery Through Respect

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  • Living Free Testimonies

    Information about Living Free

    Living Free Recovery

    Dealing with "life controlling problems.'"

    For More Info Contact:

    Living Free Recovery at info@connectionpoints.org

    Testimony from Kentucky

    Paducah Lifeline Ministries is is a faith based ministry affiliated with Living Free and consisting of a board of directors, staff and volunteers who are passionate about helping men and women overcome their struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. We help them discover how, through the power of Christ, they can learn to identify and conquer the powers that have driven them in to destructive lifestyles.

    For More Info Contact:

    Living Free Recovery at info@connectionpoints.org


    Living Free Recovery utilizes The EXTREME INTERVENTION founder, Selepri Amachre to help the "hard-core" addict to realize the options that are available. Selepri spends time with the the participant, walk with them through the court process (if necessary), explains things to the family, and can place them into a residential as needed. The process works!


    Testimonial Video:


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    Connection Points Ministry Announces

    “Accountability Coach Training”

    Helping people with addictions and other life problems.


    For people that want to get involved in helping people with life controlling problem like Substance abuse/Addictions and problems that accompany these types of problems.



    “Accountability Coaching does not take a professional degree or certification. It takes a person with a passion to help someone that needs encouragement and accountability to ‘do the right things in life’ in order to change old behaviors.”


    The Need for Accountability Coaches

    When a person goes through a “life controlling” problem, they need someone that walks with them through their problem, offering encouragement as well as accountability which assists them in their life change. “Accountability Coach Training” provides another avenue for people to become involved.


    “Accountability Coach Training” is driven by the need for people to walk alongside those that are addicted or have other forms of life controlling problems. Connection Points Ministry’s is committed to deliver this quality “Accountability Coach Training” and make it available to anyone who is willing to complete this training.


    Connection Points Ministry is a leader of rehabilitation and recovery in the Northern Indiana/Ohio area. The mission of Connection Points Ministry is to provide faith-based, small group ministry and counseling to individuals and families with addictions and other life-controlling problems.


    Come walk with us and people in need of an Accountability Coach.

    Accountability Training can be purchased by emailing: info@connectionpoints.org

    click on the link below to watch the trailer.


    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = Awesome Team.


    Check out Our Living Free Recovery Blog

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    Check out our products.

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    When hope seems non-existent..... Our Interventionist can help!

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    Selepri Amachre

    Selepri Amachree is an interventionist and Christian recording artist.


    12 years of cocaine/crack & Opiates addiction had taken its toll on his life. After 2 trips to prison in Illinois, Selepri found himself detained in federal custody facing deportation from the United States for drug charges that he had served prison time for. “Jesus met me right where I was” he shares in his testimony, “He said I had a Hope and a Future”. After graduating from Teen Challenge (An Adult & Teen rehabilitation center) in August of 2002. Selepri went on to take an administrative position with Youth Challenge in Virginia.


    For the last 8 years Selepri has been travelling around the country sharing his story and intervening in the lives of addicts for the Xtreme Intervention Project, a ministry he founded and directs!!


    Selepri has been interviewed on the Christian Television Network and His story was published (twice) nationwide in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine. Selepri says, “I haven’t gotten to where I am because of the MANY I’VE LED out of darkness, but because of the ONE I’VE FOLLOWED into the Light”.


    Selepri and Living Free Recovery will assist the TRANSFORMATION CENTER of Indiana by helping individuals our of their addiction and helping families to understand their role in recovery. The ultimate goal of intervention is hope, help, and healing to individuals and families.


    If you know of someone with an addiction and needs help to get through it contact:

    Living Free Recovery


    OUR MISSION is serving our community by partnering with them to bring, hope, help, and healing in order to provide a healthy future to individuals dealing with life controlling problems.





    Seminar on "Understanding Addiction"

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    Learn the most effective way of HELPING OTHERS OVERCOME their "life controlling" problems:

    September 30, 2023

    2112 Inwood Dr

    Fort Wayne, In 46815

    Registration 8:30am

    Training 9am - 4:00pm

    For information please call: 260.218.8299

    Certificate of Completion.

    (registration $35.00 -lunch & workbook included)